Cryptocurrency Faucet Manager

Key in your cryptocurrency address and select the type of cryptocurrency. CFM helps you organize cryptocurrency faucets and find new ones via other users. You can get free bitcoins the easy way!

Try the site with the guest account! You can try the other currencies by clicking on the currency name under "List of currencies supported".

What is a bitcoin?
Learn more here:
You can exchange your cryptocurrency for money via an exchange such as BTC-e and bter. If you want to try playing forex without risks, you can obtain some free coins from the faucets and head over to one of the exchanges.
All the other coins you see above are "alt-coins". They come in all sorts of flavours, with different algorithms, features and benefits.
How do I get a bitcoin address?
Go here: and create one! or if you prefer to keep your bitcoins on a personal wallet, you can download a client here:
List of currencies supported:
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